Friday, March 15, 2019

Global Meditation for Peace!

Greetings Peace Maker,

I am so thrilled to be leading this global meditation in conjunction with Spirit Voyage Records.

"Without peace, there is no life. We need peace of mind, we need peace at home, peace of the country, and peace in the whole world." - Yogi Bhajan (6/3/02)

 The world is calling out for peace, now more than ever. As yogis, it is our responsibility to help usher in the peace that our planet so desperately needs right now.

Peace in the outer world begins with peace in the inner world. We have a huge community of yogis around the globe participating in these global sadhanas - together, we can all devote a little bit of time every single day for the next 40 days chanting for peace - for ourselves, for each other, and for our precious earth. Wahe guru!

The instructions for this practice are very simple. Sit in a comfortable meditative posture with a straight spine. Many of us will choose to sit in Easy Pose - but if you prefer to sit in a chair, that is totally fine!

We recommend placing your hands in Gyan Mudra, with the forefingers touching the thumbs. This mudra stimulates wisdom and knowledge, our power to compute and retain information. In this mudra, we use the index finger - which is associated with the planet Jupiter, representing expansion. Gyan mudra allows us to access a state of calmness and receptivity, so that we can access the wisdom that expands our consciousness.

From this calm and receptive space, chant the Mantra for Peace by Yogi Bhajan, alternating it with the Ajai Alai Mantra for 11 – 31 minutes.

Sign up here to join:

It's completely free and you receive daily inspirational emails from me to keep you going throughout the 40 days!

See you in bliss!

Sirgun Kaur

Friday, March 8, 2019

Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Best Kept Productivity Secret is YOGA (not downward dog!)

If you think yoga is a series of poses on a sticky mat, this video if for you.
If you want to be reminded of why spiritual practice matters, this video is for you.

This video was generously supported by my Patreon patrons. THANK YOU!!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Getting Triggered? Yeah, Watch This!

Greetings Beautiful,

Ready to live and let live? Ready to stop asking other people to change for your benefit? Ready to take responsibility for how YOU feel and nothing else? Then you might be ready for my bootcamp. Join my facebook community and email me at

I began my coaching business because I have been so blessed by my path. I want to share what I've learned so you can live a fulfilled life too! Feel free to contact me if this video speaks to you. We may be a match.


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Interview on OMTimes Radio


I was so honored to be interviewed on Kara Johnstad's "Voice Rising" on OMTimes Radio. We chatted about all things vocal, musical, spiritual, and happy!

Listen on SoundCloud
Listen on Spotify

Sirgun Kaur

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Your Self-Talk Needs an Upgrade

Dear Yogi,

I want you to imagine for a moment that someone you really admire has tapped you on the shoulder to tell you the following:
Wow, I just wanted to tell you I've been noticing how beautiful you. You are so kind, and generous, and caring. I've admired you for a very long time and I just wanted you to know how important you are to me. Keep going, because you're doing great!
Wouldn't that feel amazing?

Yeah, that's a little piece of what your Soul wants to tell you.

You know that look your dog gives you, like you can do no wrong? Your dog has nothing on your Soul when it comes to admiration and love.

You are so loved.

The reason it feels so awful when you speak ill of yourself, or think ill of yourself is that it is so diametrically opposed to the opinion of your Soul.

It is the DISCONNECTION, not the thoughts themselves, which feel so overwhelmingly awful.

When we take a yoga class or meditate, we can get into alignment with our Soul and it feels amazing.

But then we go back into our negative self-talk because we have developed a very strong HABIT of if.


I want to show you how to maintain that alignment for longer...
Build a new habit of self-love...
So that it becomes your default setting.

Sound good?

Reach out to me and we'll get you there:

Happy New Year & Happy New Habits!

Sirgun Kaur

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

STEADY AS STONE - Official Music Video

Greetings Friend,

Paul C Little and I had such a great time making this music video in the picturesque landscape of PRESCOTT, AZ.

Just as I am, I am enough
I am bountiful, blissful and beautiful
Bountiful, blissful and beautiful I am
Strong as steel, steady as stone

May it serve as a reminder of your inner strength, your resilience. Your STEADY AS STONE-ness.

Much love,
Sirgun Kaur

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sirgun Kaur Featured in The Eden Magazine

Greetings Friend, 

I am excited to announce my 4-page feature in this month's issue of The Eden Magazine. Check it here. Thank you for staying tuned on this journey with me! Through this article more people will be exposed to the truly magical nature of mantra. I'm so grateful to be able to share!

Sirgun Kaur

Sunday, December 9, 2018



I released a new EP with Songs of Eden!

Check it on Spotify, iTunes, and wherever fine music is sold and

Global Meditation for Peace!

Greetings Peace Maker, I am so thrilled to be leading this global meditation in conjunction with Spirit Voyage Records. "Without ...

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