Monday, November 14, 2011

2 1/2-hour Meditations

Sat Nam Divine Being,

This weekend we went to Sedona for a retreat with one of my favorite teachers, Sangeet Kaur Khalsa. The theme was "Brahm Prakash"—awakening to God inside ourselves. Brahm Prakash also refers to the 4th Blue Ether, which is said to be the final "limbo layer" through which the soul passes on its way to merge with the Infinite.

In the spirit of this awakening, we did three 2 1/2-hour meditations in 2 days.

Can you probably can guess that some heavy stuff happened, right?

The meditations were not simply for our own growth and release. We came to release souls. We came to release "ghosts." That is, some souls leave the body only to be trapped by the magnetic field of this beautiful Earth. Sometimes it is because loved ones cannot let go of them, other times it is because of their own fear of letting go. We came with the message: "It's safe to go home."

Two of these mediations were done under the full moon at night—outside. It was COLD. It was uncomfortable and all the things you would imagine about being outside at night for up to three hours... sitting.

It was all these things and yet, despite the chilly sensations up my spine, the wind, the cramps in my legs, and all the thoughts going through my mind, 2 1/2 hours of meditation really does something!

Yogi Bhajan said this was the amount of time it took to alter our grey matter. I could really feel that. And as I said, even though I wasn't peacefully accepting the experience in every moment, the meditations did something to me that brought me into that peace.

It was magical. And the honor of serving all these souls was even more magical. I wrote a song about it which I will post later.

Thank you everyone who attended! I am eternally grateful!

Blessings of the Most High,
Sirgun Kaur Khalsa

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  1. sounds like bliss! :) well, except for the cold part. ;) I find that bliss rarely ever comes without some sort of a challenge though. <3


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