Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting Out of the Way

The Siri Singh Sahib (Yoga Bhajan) gave five "sutras" for the Aquarian Age. Living by these sutras was to help us make the shift from the Piscean Age (all about me and mine) to the Aquarian Age (all about Universal Consciousness). Read about them all here.

In a yoga class series I've been co-teaching, we decided to focus on each sutra: one per class, for five classes. (Actually, my original plan had been to do one per month... this got lost in translation though.)

Sutra #4 was the topic of this week: "Vibrate the Cosmos and Cosmos Shall Clear the Path." 

After we tuned-in, I began my pre-class ramble explaining that while we cannot control our reality forcefully, we can affect the force that is in control by setting our personal frequency with yoga, meditation and chanting. In the middle of my second or third sentence I was interrupted with a really great question: 

So what stops us from getting there?

In other words, why isn't the path just automatically clear? Why must we vibrating the cosmos at all?

Well, this was not what I had anticipated discussing, but now that we're on the topic, here goes...


That's right. If you think it's your job, or your spouse, your parents, your economic bracket, or the giant ravine with spikes in the picture that keeps you in troubleshooting mode, think again. We are the only thing standing in the way of a crystal clear path.

I am reminded of this every time I do a challenging yoga set. Reading the description in my manual, I naively think to myself: "well, that doesn't look to hard... let's try it." So I do the kriya. Meanwhile, my husband, who knows what hard actually looks like, has gracefully declined my invitation to join him, and gets to watch me squeal and pant as I attempt to do something I thought would be easier than it was.

Is the kriya really that difficult? Well, not really.

If I weren't make things worse with my negative and positive minds—respectively darkening and then blowing my experience out of proportion from reality—the kriya could be done with much greater ease. 

In addition, if my body were completely free from the energetic blocks craeted from past lives/karma and poor decisions/karma, that same set might be a breeze.

When a yoga kriya feels impossible, I like to ask myself these questions:
Have I been thinking soul-promoting thoughts? 
Have I been eating a clean diet?
Have I been singing?
Have I been dancing? 
Have I been smiling?

(You can create your own barometer for what HEALTHY looks like to you, by the way.)

If the answers are "no", then chances are the next I try this kriya after a week of chanting, it won't be so painful. The trick is just to be at peace with whatever is going on: ranging from total bliss to total agony.  


My understanding is a resounding yes. 

My understanding is also that nothing lasts very long.  

Seem dour? Let me elaborate:

While it is definitely possible for us walk a clear path (hey, Yogi Bhajan said so!), there will always be obstacles appearing to be in our way. These "obstacles" are lessons that we haven't yet learned. If we choose in the moment to be grateful for the hurdle and learn our lesson, we transmute the challenge into a blessing. We move forward—or wherever we are going: up, left, right...

If we allow ourselves to get stuck, then we have another "I'm in my own way" moment.

So much is happening so fast right now that I don't believe anyone is accepting everything as a blessing in the moment every time it happens. Sometimes we need to go over the same thing a few times (read: several lifetimes). And that's OK. It's why we're here.

It will take us exactly how long it takes us to get through all the distractions ("challenges"). There is no rush and our paths will vary on our go back to the soul's HOME.

As Rev. Michael Beckwith says: "It's all GOOD because it's all GOD." 

Needless to say, I didn't go into this much detail when the woman asked me the question. That might have taken all class. And we still had a very challenging kriya to do. (*wink)

Blessings on your perfect path,

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