Monday, September 17, 2012

Together, We Can Create this Album

Last year, Sat Darshan and I were able to release "The Music Within" for, and because of, YOU!

I have been asked several times when my new CD will be available... and here's the answer: Summer 2013! It will be my first solo kirtan album (yep, I'm going solo this time). 

You can participate in the co-creation as of today: I am accepting pre-orders and donations on my website. After October 1st, my kickstarter campaign will launch. The idea of doing this in two stages is to put a significant dent in the total amount for the kickstarter. It's more profitable for me to collect your contributions through my paypal than it is to do so through kickstarter (there are big fees). However, I LOVE kickstarter, because it puts the project on the map and it's an exciting thing to be part of. 

So, that's why it's two things... not one.

Early contributors (before Oct 1) will receive a special "thank you package" that will not be available on kickstarter.

For this music to take life, I am asking for your creative assistance... help me CO-CREATE this music!

This is what we were able to do together last time. This time it's going to be even better!


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