Sunday, September 16, 2012

You Get What You Give

Giving back is an important part of my spiritual path. We call it dasvandh.

Dasvandh is the practice of giving 10% of your earnings "back to God." I like to think of it as giving 10% of my earnings back to the flow of abundance.

Everything comes from the same place and goes back to the same place. Trusting in that Universal law strengthens our faith, and simultaneously helps someone out in the process.

I like to think of my dasvandh money as a separate bank account. Spending it each month on worthwhile causes feels like a fun (and un-frivolous) shopping spree. I don't even think of the money as mine anymore.

Since I started this practice, I am more comfortable putting out my own cause, because I know that giving feels really good.

Fundraising for my new album starts tomorrow.

Through my own experience, I've learned that the expression "we get what we give" is for real.

Besides the energetic "feel good" someone may get from pre-purchasing my new album, I have a few additional prizes to offer you for your generosity.

To find out more about my fundraising campaign, click here. The first step will begin tomorrow—September 17.

Two weeks later, on October 1st, fundraising through my website will end. I will then announce how much more I have to raise on kickstarter.... hopefully we will put a big dent in the total goal amount ($15,000)!

Making this album means a lot of me. These sacred vibrations have a life of their own—beyond anything I could accomplish through my voice alone. Chanting them makes me available to the ecstatic flow of life some call God, some call Waheguru. They elevate me.

Bringing this experience to others has become a passion for me. I think the more we flood the music market with kirtan, the more healing we can bring to this planet. The more we get people to chant these mantras, to connect to their own soul, the more peace we can create.

Thank you in advance for anything you contribute.

In love, faith, and deep gratitude,

Sirgun Kaur Khalsa

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