Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Other 50%

Sat Naam,

Today we accomplished something I cannot fully fathom: over half my new album campaign is now successfully funded!!!!

Funded, I might add, by the contributions of people who have heard my voice, trusted my intention, and have so generously offered to be a part of this endeavor.

Not only that...

Funded, by the prayers, faith, and encouragement of all the people who believe in this project.

The power of the human spirit to call forth the seemingly impossible is miraculous. Wahe Guru!


The hardest part about all this for me was overcoming my doubts.

Dare I ask for this much assistance?

$15,000 is not a small sum for me.

Being a musician, a lot seems to boil down to: is this really useful?

In other professions, the answer is quite a bit more obvious. Yes, learning to suture a wound is useful, oh doctor. Yes, fixing our toilet is useful, oh plumber. Yes, making dinner is useful, oh chef.

Can music be useful?

To be honest, that is the main reason my heart is so committed to devotional chant. Simply put, I believe it is useful. I see the healing taking place in myself when I sing it. I hear the feedback. I read the thank you notes.

It isn't just an indulgent use of my God-given ability to sing, or an opportunity to put all my neurotic thoughts to melody. This kind of music can be a service to others.

That's why I admire all those who do this professionally.

And that's why I think the world needs more chant artists.


The world needs to open up and chant!

Anyway, that's my POV.

Thank you so so so so so much!

Here's a thank you video to those who claimed it as a "reward" on my website. I am sending you so much gratitude! I hope your world sparkles with the same abundance you have provided!


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