Thursday, January 31, 2013

Praise the Bridges

I found this quote this morning. 

Ever since I visited Japan in 2006 I have loved the image (and function) of bridges. 

Bridges are like magical portals that take us from one reality to another. They can help us cross the seemingly impossible rift between where we are and where we would like to be.

In Sikhism, we talk about the "Guru." The Guru is like a bridge. 

In times when we feel a sense of disconnect, challenge or confusion, we can call upon "the Guru" to bridge the gap and bring us closer to balance... closer to God. 

How do you call upon the Guru? We have so many tools for linking ourselves to this subtle energy field. Mantra, yoga, meditation, and prayer are all good ways to find the bridge. 

In times of strife, we often forget that some of these more esoteric solutions might work better than the biggest effort to manually "fix" our problem. When we are receptive to the sacred energy that holds this world together, it builds a bridge for us. 

In Sikh poetry, the Guru is often described as a boat that "carries us" across the world ocean. I suppose it would have to be a monumental bridge that would take us across an ocean, so I can see why a boat might be more appropriate symbolism.

However, some obstacles are not quite as wide as an ocean. Some things are handled in increments. Some things reoccur in our lives and we need that bridge to help walk us over.

Sometimes we need a few bridges to even get us to that boat.

Praise the bridge!


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