Friday, June 7, 2013

It's (Almost) Alive!

Since September, my new album has been in the making.

Well, before that actually...

I began thinking about a new album at the beginning of 2012...

Or maybe it was in 2011 when I released my last album...

ANYWAY, it's been a while. :-)

Creation is a lengthy process.


One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is how humbling a process it is to make an album. I don't think many people listen to music with the awareness of how much time, energy, love, sweat, and doubt, awaken through it.

As with any creative project, too, it's never really done. I mean, there is a time when you have to say "enough editing!" But really, there's always something you can keep fixing. There's always something you can go back and forth about—change it, change it back. There's always a wish that this one little tiny thing (that probably no one else will hear) could have been bigger, or smaller, or higher, or lower.

In these times, I have to remember something my mother told me: the imperfections are important because they let God in. I like that.


Once I can let go and know that its not ever going to be "perfect," I realize that it already is. This album is exactly what it is supposed to be. My producer did a fabulous job. The musicians gave incredible performances. The songs are lovely. (If I do say so myself)

And the big picture is: I am really happy with it!

This morning the final mix of each track was sent to get mastered. That is the moment of letting go. It's like what I must imagine parents feel about sending their child to college.
We did our best... May you be successful!
And so I bid farewell to "The Cosmic Gift" (my new album), for it is no longer my little project. It will belong to everyone who holds it, sings along, and sees it.

Music is magic like that!



  1. Great Post. May your album be all you could ever dream......

  2. Great post.! May your album be all you could ever dream....


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