Monday, June 3, 2013

Listening, Yay!

My new album is in its final stages.

It's an incredible experience listening to mixes as my producer sends them. They are delivered to me in stages, each time a little more complete–adding drums, shakers, harmony vocals, viola, cello, violin–preparing to be heard by more people.

I am listening to the latest "mix." I am riveted. I have never made music like this. My heart swells with gratitude for not only the amazing skill of the musicians, producer, etc., but also for all the people who believed in this music enough to patronize it.

Without that funding, this simply wouldn't have happened. This album was your gift to me. Now it is becoming my gift to you...

I decided to call it THE COSMIC GIFT. The title reflects this gratitude, and also nods at the arrival of the greatest cosmic gift I have ever received... my baby boy.

Wow. It's been quite a year so far!

What next?


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