Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The 9 of Your Life

According to Tantric Numerology, I will be entering a "9 cycle" as of January.

A 9 cycle is a time to tie up lose ends. It's not a good idea to begin new projects in a 9 cycle... they rarely come to fruition. If we think of our lives are having many seasons, the 9 cycle is like right before the last frost of winter. It's not a good time to plant seeds.

The 9 cycle is also a time for extreme gratitude. Like, TRUE gratitude. Not oh-wow-thank-you-for-this-million-dollars gratitude. More like, oh-wow-I-just-totaled-my-car gratitude. Or oh-wow-my-neighbor-just-threw-a-pot-of-hot-rice-into-my-window gratitude.

The 9 cycle is about mastery. Masters know that "all things come from God." The totaled car and the broken window are no different. The 9-cycler would be wise to scream "Wahe Guru" (yay God!) as calamity is afoot, because life will keep giving us the same lesson so long as we keep rejecting the blossoming of our consciousness. When we can feel gratitude for EVERYTHING (not just the easy stuff), we will begin to let go of the past, and let God create our future. That is the journey of a 9 cycle.

Do I sound excited? Truth be told, the 9 cycle freaks me out a little. There I said it.

I mean, I was born in September (9 month), so I life with this energy as part of my daily existence. Let me tell you: it's not for wimps. I am so GRATEFUL to have so many uplifting tools in my tool-belt, that have successfully pulled me out of the haze time and time again.

9 is about mystery (i.e. confusion, doubt, scattered energy) over mastery (i.e. gratitude, completion, focus).


P.S. Oh - I'll be in a 9 cycle because my birthday (month + day) + the year = 9

For example, 
August 11 birthday = 8 +12 = 2
2+0+1+4 = 7

2+7 = 9!

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