Thursday, February 9, 2017

Help Bring YOGA to Foster Children in Los Angeles

As part of my spiritual practice, I like to find good places to divert my funds. I cannot think of a better cause—and one that is closer to my heart—than providing access to Kundalini Yoga to foster children who have REQUESTED IT!

My father was adopted. My whole life I have understood the pain that is caused by a child feeling unwanted or abandoned by their birth parents (whether that was the case or not).

I have also experienced Kundalini Yoga's almost inconceivable effectiveness at healing past emotional wounds.

As my wealth grows, so too will my donations to Y.O.G.A for Youth's many worthwhile projects.

I hope you will consider giving to this fund. Your money goes directly towards the project and you can see exactly how much each part costs if you click on this link.

Invest in our future. Invest in our youth.

Much love,

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