Friday, February 10, 2017

Life Is a Vacation From Yoga

One of the most incredible misconceptions about the practice of yoga is that it is some elite pastime.

Yoga is not a vacation from life.

Life is a vacation from yoga.

Yoga is the practice of yoking oneself to the essential self. In effect, it is the practice of getting a REALITY CHECK.

Of course, yoga isn't for everyone. Some people will need a few needs met before they can afford such a luxury.

Before you practice yoga you may want to make sure you have the following needs met:

  • you are well fed
  • you have clothing to wear
  • you have appropriate shelter

Besides that, I cannot really think of any other barriers to entry. If you are alive, you'll want yoga.

But to be fair, YOGA ISN'T YOGA ISN'T YOGA.

The yoga we do in classes, or read about in magazines, or watch on exercise DVDs, is not really yoga.

Yoga is what can eventually happen as a result of doing such things.

Whether it's Kundalini Yoga, Hatha, Meditation with mala beads, chanting, gardening, sitting quietly in bed—or any number of things people do to feel alive and connected to that tiny HUGE voice inside—it's the experience that is the yoga, not the practice itself.

We have the great honor of living at this moment in time. LIFE is the luxury. LIFE is the vacation from what is real.

Yoga is the daily reality check. Yoga is what helps us remember what truly matters.

Are you feeling me?

What does your yoga practice look like?


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