Monday, October 16, 2017

Life Is About Happily Cleaning the Toilet

This morning I was inspired to clean and tidy a few spots in my house. As I chanted "I am happy, I am good" I was reminded of something my mother used to tell people.

"The secret to life," she declared "is being happy while you clean the toilet."

In the literal sense, if you can maintain happiness while doing what is possibly the least enjoyable task in your home, then you can be happy doing anything.

This message resonated with me this morning as I, quite literally, felt happy cleaning my toilet.

And, if the quote is interpreted figuratively, I think this comes quite close to being the formula for winning at life. If you can maintain a vibration of happiness (which is simply a remembrance of your true nature) while doing everything you do, then you are ready to receive the abundance of the Universe in every moment. Your life becomes a series of miracles that you create... which fuels the happy, which creates more miracles.

Be happy. Get happy. Be happier. Get happier. Repeat.

Thanks mom,

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