Thursday, February 1, 2018

Bahuta Karam: Mantra for Prosperity (11 Recitations)

“Prosperity is a state produced immediately by the mind. When the sun comes out of the clouds, everything is lit. When the mind comes out of duality, prosperity is there. And the twenty-fifth pauri has the power to take away duality…” – Yogi Bhajan

Bahota karam likhiaa na jaa-ay.
Vadaa dataa til na tamaay.
Kaytay mange jodh apaar.
Kaythaa ganat nahee veechaar.
Kaytay khap tuteh vikar.
Kaytay lai lai mukar paa-eh.
Kaytay moorakh khaahee khaa-eh.
Kaytiaa dookh bhookh sad maar.
Ay-eh bhe daat tayree daataar
Band khaalasee bhanai hoe.
Hor aakh na sakai koe.
Jay ko khaa-ik akhaan paae.
Oh jaanai jaytee-aa muh khaa-ay.
Aapay jaanay aapay day-eh.
Aakheh se bhe kay-ee kay-eh.
Jis no bakhsay siphat saalaah.
Naanak paatishaahee paatishaah.

In prosperity,

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