Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day to You || So Purkh

Sat Nam and Happy V-Day to You!

Here I am celebrating with my blue heart shirt I got from Whole Foods several years ago. I love the clothing at Whole Foods by the way... I have a pair of slippers from there I cannot get enough of. But I digress.

In this video I go through one recitation of "So Purkh", which is the prayer Yogi Bhajan gave women to do 11 times a day to attract a man of Divine Consciousness into their life. It also helps a woman's relationship with men in general. I have 3 male beings in my home (4 if you count our dog), so this is also a nice Sadhana (daily spiritual practice) for me.

I also tell the story of how I met and later (but not much later) married my husband.

Blessings and LOVE All Ways,

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