Thursday, February 8, 2018

Scripting: Truly CREATIVE Writing

Greetings Light Being,

Today I wanted to write to you about a practice I've been doing for a few days by which I am super intrigued... 


The way it was explained to me (by Abraham-Hicks in their book The Processes: Ask and It Is Given, Volume 2) is a little different than the way I have been using it. But it's the same principle.

Yesterday I finished my sadhana and I actually declared to myself that it was going to be a rough day. I was feeling really moody. Wow. After sadhana I was saying this? Clearly I needed a stronger reboot. 

So I laid down in my bed and downloaded a notes app (a really pretty one!) and began to write out how the morning played out in my fantasy...

It started out with me in bed thinking about the beauty of flowers and then sunflowers and then hugs and kisses from my family. And me noticing how wonderful everything was. You get the gist?

I kid you not. After this, I felt amazing. I couldn't remember feeling out of sorts or why. I actually seemed to believe that my fantasy morning had transpired. And in a way, it had. Because there is no vibrational difference between something happening and feeling like something has. 

{FYI: In the Abraham-Hicks book, they describe this process as something to use for scripting the future... like before you enter a meeting you write out how you want it to go in detail. I've been using it to clean up the past so my present is uncluttered.}

I once asked Bibiji (Yogi Bhajan's wife) which mantra or shabad she found most powerful. She looked at me quizzically and said that anything you put your faith in works. 

The mind is a powerful tool. Train it well. Use it well. And if need be, trick it well.

Here's to your great day!


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