Saturday, March 10, 2018

Amul - Mantra for Business Success

Dearest Friend,

This is a new song on my newest album -- "Amul."

Amul gun amul vaapaar.  Amul vaapaarie amul bhandaar.
Amul aavah amul lai jaah.  Amul bhaae amulaa samaah.
Amul dharam amul dibaan. Amul tul amul parvaan.
Amul bakhsis amul nisaan. Amul karam amul phurman.
Amulo amul aakhiaa na jaae. Aakh aakh rahe liv laae.
Aakeh ved paath puraan. Aakheh pare karah vakhiaan.
Aakheh barme aakheh ind. Aakheh gopi tai govind.
Aakheh isar aakheh sidh. Aaakheh kete kite budh.
Aakheh daanav aakheh dev. Aakheh sur nar mun jan sev.
Kete aakheh aakhan paah. Kete kah kah uth uth jaah.
Ete kite hor kareh. Taa aakh na sakeh kei kee-e.
Jevad bhaavai tevad hoe. Naanak jaanai saachaa soe.
Je ko aakhai bol vigaar. Taa likhiai sir gaavaaraa gaavaar.


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